Thursday, May 15, 2008

When Should You Retire?

Years ago, the concept of retirement did not exist. People worked till the day came where they would die. But those days are gone now with available health care, company benefits and insurance companies given to those who are considered in old ages and incapable for doing certain jobs anymore. Then the discursive question is, what age is it?

To retire means stop employment completely. It happens due to a certain old age or one’s personal choice. In both cases, the similar thing is they require a strong foundation of money. This is because they do not longer have regular income. So having enough personal savings is a must so that one does not rely on a monthly paycheck which amount is usually small. Besides, everyone reaching certain age must retire so that the successors and juniors can also have employment. Life is a cycle and one should give opportunity for them to take over jobs and learn to how earn money.

To conclude, for those two reasons, I think the proper age to retire is 65. This is because in this age, one’s health is usually going down and become not optimal in doing jobs, for example senility. But one can also retire earlier if he or she has already enough saving and eager to start enjoying life completely.


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