Friday, May 16, 2008

Best Time to Retire

Retirement is a state of being retired from an occupation or employment. The age of retirement and its other specification is simply organized by the government. This adjustment is done by the government and decided after various observations on people’s health, strength, and productivity on several phase of aging. At the end, the government has finally set the age of retirement varies from age 55 to age 80, and this decision is varied from one country to another. For example, in one country, people who have retire from their job is also stopped receiving salary. But, in the other hand, such as in the USA, people who have retire is still receiving salary, even at the lowest rate.
As I said above, the terms and conditions in deciding on what age should one retires depend on many factors. For instance, the labor. The retirement age of labor is easily predicted, they won’t be able to work after reaching 50s, simply because they work with their power, and age pretty much affects one’s strength and leads to one’s productivity. Meanwhile, for businessman, they have this instinct to invest. So, eventhough they decide to retire young, they must have been thinking about the saving, investment, and another business to come. On the other hand, we can still see politicians doing their job on the age of 70s. Basically, they also have this age limit to work and being retired. but the difference is, they can still work behind the screen. Every job, especially politician and medical experts work best by their experiences, and this becomes a big opportunity for them to keep working until the age of 70s or even 80s.
In the end, we can not distinguish or decide the best age to retire subjectively. Every kind of job has its own specifications and requirements to choose when the worker has to stop working and start being retired. So, it is not our role to tell when people should retire. It’s the employer role to observe, discuss, and decide when their employees have to stop working.

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