Friday, May 23, 2008

Television and Its Effects

Television has been one of the most important electronic device in our house. It doesn’t give a fundamental effect but the presence of it brings some certain entertainment to some people. While some people really appreciate television, some other people say that television only brings bad effects and do harm things to our way of mind. I personally agree that television brings negative effects to people.

People watch television alone and usually they don’t want to be disturbed. They will ignore their family and avoid socializing. By doing this regularly, a person can become an individualist person because they will be used to being alone and having no conversation with other people. They will sit, watch, and think, all by themselves. They will get addicted to watching television and doing nothing else. Beside being individualist they can also be unproductive which can bring bad effect to their body. Bad substances will accumulate in their body ,because they don’t do many movements (sports). It will bring bad damage to them, mentally, physically, and socially.

Children nowadays love watching television. They spend a lot of their time on front of television and watch its stunning programs. They can watch cartoons, children talk show, singing and dancing show, etc. Except these positive and interesting shows, television also broadcasts shows that actually bring bad effects, such as ‘sinetron’. Sinetron, or should we call it serial movie, contains a lot of negative things that children can take example from. Such as, from sinetron ‘Mentari’ children can learn to beat their friends and swear at them because the character in that serial movie did those things. Children are still immature and they haven’t have the ability to decide which is good or bad. If children keep watching television without supervision, they will follow these negative and harmful actions and be a violent person.

From the reasons above, it is obvious that television brings negative effects to its audience more than its positive effects. People can still watch telelvision, but they must avoid watching it alone and regularly. Doing activity together with other people is much more healthy and useful rather than watching television alone.



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