Friday, May 23, 2008

The Working Time

Working is needed to earn money and fulfill our need and also, for sum of people, working in the job that they love is the way they are living. But, when do they need to stop. I think in the age of 70 is the reasonable age for people to quit and enjoy their life.

In the future the life-expectancy will go higher because the anti-aging advances (Shripad Tuljapurkar of Stanford University, 2006). The improvement in health facility, better nutrition, new technologies founded to support the better life are having the big role in causing the fact that people will live longer year by year. Because the health of people will rise, more people can still do their job well even though they are over sixty.

For the one whom working in the job where they love it, quitting the job is kind of miserable for them. People who already accustomed to work and get busy with their work might get stress by the time they don’t do anything anymore. For these kind people, by the time they have to quit their job, the senility will come to them faster too. So, quitting by the time they get ready is the wise decision for them.

“The quality of life is important” (Adam, 2008). Most of people have spent their time only for working and working. Consider they realize or not, as a human we also need ‘another life’ like traveling, recreation, or other thing that can make our life stay away from getting stress and the important one is we can enjoy it. In the age of sixty’s, we start thinking to spent our time by not disturbed with the duties in the office anymore. That is the time for people to enjoy what they have obtained by working years by years and let the younger generation to continue it.

So, for the future, because the condition for supporting life will get better and the people also expected to live longer, I think that retirement age should be raise till the age of 70. In order to they can get done with the thing that they want to do as long as they are working and also they can enjoy the life in the rest of the time well.

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