Saturday, May 3, 2008

editted task 5


In general, "retirement is the point where the people stops to be employment completely.(Anon,” This happens upon reaching a determined age, which is old enough to do several things. Every single jobs has each way to be retired. First, we quit our job by ourself (personal own). In other hand, some people will be retired by their company. The problem is ‘Which is better, the first or the second one?’

Many politicians, scientists, lawyers, television achors, and professors still work into their 70’s. Meanwhile, some actors, models, athletes, and musicians only work until 30’s. In some case, the same job has different ways. In hospital, doctors whose age are over 65 years old will be retired and replaced by young newcomer. However, if doctors work personally (not in hospital), there isn’t any rule about age retirement.

There are many people who enjoy their power until 80’s. I think the problem is on election and government system. It should be a rule that manage period of politic jobs such as president, governoor, minister and so on. In Indonesia, president who wins the election just has 4 years to be. He or she has to follow the next election if want to retain his or her position.

In the end, I think retirement is free and depends on the employee. Some people will feel better if retire earlier because have have enough money for life after retirement, and the others think different. Maybe they should work until the point that makes them proper and satisfied enough. Having different conditions and reasons , everybody has each rights to decide when they quit their jobs.


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