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Retirement is determinated by job.

Retirement is determinated by job.

Retirement is the state of being retired from one occupation. There are many kinds of occupations, for example teachers, athletes, actress, actors, models, mechanics, engineers, presidents, etc. Normally people retire when they finally reached the certain age of retirement according to their company where they work. Athletes and mechanics usually retire when they 35 years old, because they will not effective to do their job more than that age. Government employees like teachers and head of a university according to their government. In some other cases, people retire because of an accident they had or a long term illness or when they already have enough savings for the future. Usually, the retirement age is being set by theirs governments in various number based on the age when a person’s body is no longer healthy enough and fit to do regular-difficult activity. The common age of retirement is 55 – 70 years old. But, many people disagree with this situation, they said that whether somebody is still capable of doing his job or not, only himself who knows. I also not agree with this.

Many occupations need the worker to be perfectly healthy and capable of doing difficult jobs, such as athletes, actress, actors, models, mechanics, etc. These people do difficult jobs. Any illness can give a big effect to their job. By being an actress or actor, people needs to keep their body fit, healthy, and good looking. They have to avoid having pimples, wrinkles, which can increase when people reach older ages. By being athletes and mechanics, people have to be strong and healthy. An athlete has to training regularly in order they can win a competition. They must avoid being weak and ill, while people get weaker than ever when they reach later ages. It is true that a lot of old people can still do sports, being an entertainer, and all, but they don’t do it regularly.

In some countries like Indonesia, many occupations such as politicians are still dominated by elder people. These people are still capable of doing their job until 60, 70, or some even 80 years old. They are considered to be wiser and more patient than the youngsters and they have much experience than the youngsters. But, in this case I don’t agree with this situation. I have some reasons for this, the first one is the politicians should content by the youngsters, because they have many ideas than the elders and the more important is they are more audacious. About the experience they can learn many things from the elders. The second one is the elders aren’t serious in meeting, some of them are sleeping and the other one talk to another one. But the youngsters maybe don’t do these things.

In the end, to decide when somebody should retire or not is actually according to them. It is themselves who know whether they are still capable of doing their job or not. These people have to set a certain standard for themselves because if they insist on keep working when actually their body can not tolerate hard works anymore, they can fall ill or even worse, lead to death. If government tell people to retire at a certain age, it will be unfair to people who are still perfectly capable in doing their job and have done great things in their life.


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