Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jakarta Today

The traffic in Jakarta is very awful.  Traffic jam is something usual in Jakarta.  Traffic problem in Jakarta is affected by many causes.  Firstly, the uncontrolled maintenance makes the way quality so poor.  There are holes on many big ways in Jakarta.  That’s why vehicles can not move freely.  For example, in Jalan M.H. Thamrin , one of first class way in Jakarta, there are many holes, so vehicles must go slowly when they pass the hole.  Secondly, number of vehicles in Jakarta is so many.  It makes the capacity of the street is not enough anymore to reach all of the vehicles.  Thirdly, attitude of the drivers is very bad.  They are selfish and do not care about their environment.  Many of them do not obey the rule that is made by the government.  So, it causes the situation of the street more crowded and complicated.  Finally, the most important thing that support these causes that is written above, there is no strict action from the traffic police.  They usually see there are many drivers and public transportation users do not obey the rules, but they do nothing and just let them to do it more and more.


The level of criminality is very high.  It is the result of so many unemployment people live in Jakarta.  Most of people in the village think that they must go to Jakarta to get wealth.  This opinion makes there are so many people from village even does not have any skills come to Jakarta hoping they can actualized their dreams.  This phenomenon increases population in Jakarta drastically.  That is why many people are jobless because the number of job demand as not many as the number of people who need job.  It pushes them to do something criminal to get some money to survive.  It sometimes annoys the others.  This situation makes many people always feel restless when they walk down the street or use public transportation because there are thieves and murderers everywhere.


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