Thursday, May 1, 2008

When Should People Retire?

It is true that everybody will grow old, but a person’s condition on a certain age, especially in the old age, will not be same with the other. This has caused many different thoughts about when a worker should retire. I personally believe that people should retire at the age of 65.

At the age of 65, people are not productive again so they should retire. It is because the productive age of a person ranges from 15 to 64 (Yani, et al 2004). When a person is no longer productive, he will not do a good job, so it will just be useless for the company to still employ him.

In the other hand, not all people will still be productive until the age of 65. Many people have a bad physical condition before they even turn 60 and even some has died before the age of 65. This is supported by low life expectancy and also the unhealthy condition of the environment.

At the bright side, if they work until the age of 65, they will have enough savings. These savings could be used to make a living after they retire. They can also do things to enjoy their old age with these savings, such as traveling. Besides, they could help their descendants to make a living.

From the reasons above, I can conclude that people should retire at the age of 65. With this retirement age, people are considered to be able to use their skill until the limit but they also able to enjoy their life till the end.


Yani, Ahmad, et al.(2004).Geografi kelas 2 SMA. Bandung: Grafindo.

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