Thursday, May 22, 2008

task 2: Bonang

Bonang is one of many kinds of Sundanese music instruments that unique and has its characteristic. Bonang has ten of small gongs that made from brass and placed horizontally into two rows in a wooden frame. Each of gongs has a different sound. Gong’s row that placed near the player has a higher sound than gongs in the other row, and the sounds are rise from the right to the left. Bonang is played with hit the gongs with the padded sticks.

There are two kinds of tone called laras in bonang music instrument, they are laras pelog and salendro. Laras pelog has a sad atmosphere of sounds and it’s usually used in traditional ceremony. Laras salendro has a cheerful atmosphere of sounds and it’s usually used to entertain people with rampak kendang or accompanying a traditional dance. In laras salendro, there are two kinds of bonang, called bonang rincik and bonang. Bonang rincik has a higher sound than bonang.

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