Friday, May 23, 2008

Task 4 : The Positive and Negative Effects of Television

Television, one of electrical devices which has been part of people’s lives, is widely used as source of entertainment, education and information. Besides of its advantageous function, there are contradictions where some people agree and disagree that television gives negative effects which are dangerous for family life and any sense of community. I disagree with the statement, seeing that the postive effects that are gotten from television are more than the negative effects.

Watching television entertains, educates, and informs. This three factual advantages developed, giving more and more advantages. The value of family life could increase when they spent time together, and the ability of television to entertain supports this condition to happen. There are shows which fit all generations and could make people happy watching it. When members of the family watch the shows, they laugh, and a comforting atmosphere is created. This happens to tighten the emotional relation between each member of the family. The educative use of television brings parents nearer with their children, the children could learn from the television and at the same time their parents teach them. This quality time is very expensive, and this could be created by watching the television. Other advantage of television is people could build a good and complementing relationship. The information people get from television is very fast, and the spreading information could start conversations that builts relationships between people. The three important roles of television gives positive effects for family life and sense of community.

However, it is undeniable that television also gives some negative effects. Almost all TV shows are fiction, based on the author imagination, causing some stories are the opposite of the reality. Children and teenagers might learn unapropriate things by watching television, thinking that it is the best and ideal condition of life. Children might learn dangerous activities while teenagers might practice them. Looking at this condition, parents have to guide children to understand the negative effects and telling them that those unapropriate things should not be learnt.

In conclusion, television gives positive and negative effects. It could be entertaining, educative, and informative to people, which are the three positive effects, as well as increase the value of family life and sense of community. The negative effects that might be given could be prevented if the audience are guided correctly.


Heather Jun said...

True, tv can have positive affects such as informing people about important news or entertain them. However there are many more negative affects. Like mentioned in your blog, it can make kids do inappropriate things such as committing crimes and highly sexualized at a young age. So what can we do to stop this? Just like you I'm also sharing my information on the negative affects of the tv. We have to keep spreading words on tv so that people have an idea of what they are seeing and that entertainment might cause them and their children severe consequences. It really helped me to find someone like you who also knows about the influence and is trying to help others.

Amanda said...

Television seriously does have a negative effect. It's so wrong that it holds a high rating in peoples' lives. So many programs on television do contain a lot of violence and porn. If children watch those programs, it leads to them becoming violent and aggressive. The television does make a lot of people lazy with their lives. It makes them not want to do anything except be a couch potato. We shouldn't be watching a lot of television since it can ruin peoples' lives. Yes, the only positive effects on television is that it can be entertaining if people enjoy the program.

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