Friday, May 23, 2008

Retire Age, Should We Care About It?

Retirement must be happen in every job. Teachers, lectures, doctors, businessmen, and even military people must be retire when they reach their retire age. Based on Wikipedia, “Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely (Wikipedia.”. In every institution or department, retirement must be happen.

There are many reasons why people retire from their job. The reasons can be physical condition, social live in the place where someone works, and the reach of retire age. But, now we will only discuss the reason why people should retire or not by the retire age factor.

The retire age in every institution or company is different. Let us have some examples. In banking company the retire age of the worker is different because of its position in the office. The Teller retire age is only 30s but if you are a non-Teller worker, your retire age is 55. There is another difference between worker, lecture and teachers. Lecture retire age is 65, it happens in ITB. Teachers in state schools retire when they reach 60 years old. But person like scientist, politicians, professor reach their retire age when they are 70s. Even, some worker in United States still works when they are 85. Because they have reason, “In the US the cost of social security and medical care would almost double if people retired at 65 (Rincon, Paul.”.

There are examples of retire age in some kind of institution and country. I think, I agree with the statement of Paul Rincon. The retire age must be over 65. Because, if someone retire when they are under 65 it will increase the number of jobless in country. If the number of the jobless increase, it will affect other problems in that country. The other problems can be crime, poverty, and many jobless everywhere. Those problems especially happen in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the average retire age is between 50-55 years old. And I think, in this age people still able to work as good as when they are young. And the institution must be look for other factors why the workers should retire over 65.

So, my conclusion is, workers should have worked until they reach 65 and the every institution, must pay them as a worker until they reach 65 or more. That is all my opinion on what age should people stay working.


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