Friday, May 23, 2008

Television and Social Life

Nowadays, television has become part that cannot be separated from human’s life just like eating or sleeping. It affects our life very much. Some people think that television is dangerous because it makes us keep watching it instead of maintaining our relationship with other people and it will destroy family life and any sense of community. However, I disagree with that opinion for some reasons.

First, by television, actually we can be closer to our family. A family can watch TV show together. They can laugh at comedy show, scream at horror movies, be thrilled by thriller, and there are many things that we can do together as family. For busy family, sometime there is no time to go on vacation because of the holidays schedule is not same with each other. The only place where they can be together is at home, and the only time is when they watch TV together.

Television can also maintain our relationship with other people. How come? Everyone is watching television. We can talk about our favorite show to our friends and relatives. We can also watch sport game together, for example when the final world cup, it is less fun if we watch it alone. The game will be more exciting if we watch it with our friends or our neighbors. We are also be able to know more people who has the same interest with us. And who knows from a simple watching television we can find new friends and acquaintances.

However, the opinion isn’t completely wrong. I don’t deny that there are some people who spend their life in front of television only. They eat, they work, they do anything in front of television. Television makes these people individualist and anti-socialist. They find it more fun to watch television then talk to others.

In conclusion, television has positive and negative impacts, especially in social relationship.. In the end, it all depends on us to how to use it well so it gives benefits to us. Television can be great if we know how to make it as a tool to unite us with our family, friends, and environment.

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